Digital and ecommerce consulting

Empowering ethical and sustainable brands.
Giving digital marketing a purpose.


Ecommerce & digital marketing expert

I’ve been working 8 years in digital marketing and ecommerce, building efficient digital marketing strategies, attracting more clients, growing sales, building, managing and revamping websites and improving customers experience.  

I have a hybrid profile with tech, business and design skills and knowledge.

Sustainability advocate

As an ocean lover and a diver, I now want to dedicate my time, knowledge and expertise to projects that are aligned with my values and positive for the planet. 

My commitment to authenticity extends to pursuing Environmental Engineering studies, ensuring my strategies are free from greenwashing. These experiences coalesce to forge a consultant uniquely positioned to craft strategies that resonate, perform, and positively impact the planet.


I offer the following services to help you optimize your organic ranking on Google:

  • SEO audit and diagnosis
  • Keywords research
  • Backlinks research
  • Copywriting and proofreading
  • Technical SEO optimization

Depending on your needs, I will help with your: 

  • Global acquisition strategy
  • Contact plan
  • CRM, leads capture and emailing 
  • Social Media Strategy

I help you build and develop your online business: 

  • Strategic consultancy
  • Project management
  • Analysis & reporting
  • Plateform setup
  • Upgrading to legal standards
  • Products imports
  • Customer journey optimization

Do you want to reduce the environmental impact of your website and your digital strategy? I help you make informed choices to be in line with your values, your clients’ expectations and the European regulations.

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Comparative analyzes
  • Search for tools
  • Green digital consulting

Why me

Why hiring me as your digital marketing consultant or ecommerce consultant ?


Working in the digital industry for 8 years on varied projects, operational and strategic, in business and as a freelancer, I have acquired solid knowledge and know-how.


Precisely, because I have worked both as a service provider and as a client, I know that trust is the cornerstone of any successful client-consultant relationship. I therefore undertake to be as transparent as possible, in all circumstances.


I simply love learning new things and I don’t hesitate to question what I know. As Ostad Elahi “He who says “I know!” is more ignorant than the ignorant; you must always know how to learn from others.”
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